August 13, 2022

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'Try not to transform football into rugby' cautions Man Utd manager Solskjaer

‘Try not to transform football into rugby’ cautions Man Utd manager Solskjaer

Manchester United director Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has cautioned football is at risk for becoming as physical as rugby if the current indulgent rules are kept set up.

Solskjaer was disappointed when ref Craig Pawson’s choice not to grant a foul on Bruno Fernandes prompted Southampton opening the scoring through Fred’s own objective in Sunday’s 1-1 draw.

Artisan Greenwood’s second half equalizer took United’s unbeaten Premier League away hurry to 27 matches, equalling the English first class record.

Yet, Solskjaer was angered that Jack Stephens’ test on Fernandes was not rebuffed when it would very likely have been a foul last season.

Fernandes was reserved for his dissent and the new rules for arbitrators to allow play to stream looks sure to turn into an idea with administrators.

The episode coming a day after Liverpool supervisor Jurgen Klopp advised individuals to “watch wrestling” in the event that they loved a portion of the difficulties Burnley put in during the Reds’ success at Anfield.

“On the off chance that you don’t get a foul, we should ensure we block the shot, put your body at risk and ensure they don’t get a strike on track,” Solskjaer said.

“That being said, it’s a foul. He goes straight through Bruno, his hip and with his armpit and his arm across him.

“I’m not stressed yet we need to take a gander at this is on the grounds that we can’t go from one limit of volleyball or ball from last year and go into rugby now.

“I enjoyed the more tolerant way, it’s more men’s football in any case, still, that is a reasonable foul.

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“That being said, you can see from the beginning with the fans also, it gets the group moving when you fly into a couple of tackles and we experienced a couple of tackles.”