November 29, 2022

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Olivia Rodrigo responds to Courtney Love’s case of replicating Sour collection workmanship

It appears to be that Olivia Rodrigo will consistently track down the positive qualities in any circumstance she experiences.

In a GQ meet, the 18-year-old was requested from her response in regards to Courtney Love’s analysis of her collection workmanship for Sour.

Last month, Cox had called Rodrigo out for purportedly replicating Hole’s 1994 collection Live Through This.

The visuals comprised of her wearing a dress, holding blossoms alongside mascara destroys running her face, a stylish like the first workmanship.

Nonetheless, it appeared to be that this didn’t fluster the vocalist as the journalist expounded on the teenager, “She redirects certain subjects effortlessly of Neo avoiding disasters in The Matrix—in the event that he had been doing that since he was 12. This incorporates the allegations of copyright infringement evened out at her by Courtney Love.”

This piece then, at that point cited her as saying, “Frankly, I’m recently complimented that Courtney Love realizes that I exist.”

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