August 14, 2022

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New Ballasalla junction plans revealed following traffic concerns

New Ballasalla junction plans revealed following traffic concerns

Revised plans to connect a new bypass in the Isle of Man with the existing road network have been revealed.

The Department of Infrastructure (DOI) has brought forward a new proposal for a four-lane roundabout at the Balthane junction in Ballasalla.

Residents had raised concerns previous plans would lead to congestion.

If approved, the junction would connect parts of the A5 road outside the village to a bypass being built as part of a new 282-home housing development.

Developer Dandara, which is building the bypass, has already constructed one-end of the new through route at Glashen Hill, with the DOI responsible for the junction at Balthane.

Revised plan

The department said the option for a “four-arm” roundabout only became possible after landowners had agreed to “release” sufficient space in the area.

New pavements as well as two new crossings for pedestrians and cyclists at either side of the junction have also been proposed as part of the revised plans.

Last year, officials said a four-way junction with traffic lights was the safest and cheapest option, but concerns were raised at a public meeting that would lead to a build up of vehicles in the area.

The new plans will be displayed at Malew Parish Commissioners offices in the village from 24 to 26 January.

If funding is secured and planning permission is approved, the department said construction would start in 2023.

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