May 26, 2022

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Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into 'Special Son Of Bitch' Trump Over Outrageous New Boast

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into ‘Special Son Of Bitch’ Trump Over Outrageous New Boast

Jimmy Kimmel tore into former President Donald Trump for calling in to Fox News while Russia’s attacks on Ukraine were under way and then bragging about himself.

“This would not have happened during my administration,” Trump claimed.

Kimmel fired back: “It takes a special kind of son of a bitch to see innocent people fleeing their homes and think, ‘How can I make this about me?’ But nobody does that better than Donald Trump.”

Trump also repeated his usual array of conspiracy theories, saying the situation in Ukraine wouldn’t have happened if not for a “rigged” election.

“Well, that makes sense: ‘This never would’ve happened were it not for the rigged election I made up one year ago,’” Kimmel mocked. “Can you blame something real on something fake? It’s like blaming chicken pox on the tooth fairy; it doesn’t make sense.”

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