May 26, 2022

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EC search body refuses to reveal nominees

The search committee over the formation of the next election commission on Sunday rejected a call to publish the names of shortlisted nominees for the posts of chief election commissioner and other election commissioners.

‘We are not bound to publish the names. It is the president’s domain. There is no way we can publish the names without permission from the president,’ the committee chief Obaydul Hassan told reporters.

Obaydul, also a Supreme Court judge, was speaking at a press briefing on Sunday after a meeting at the Supreme Court Judges Lounge.

He also said that the committee would make the final list of 10 people at its final meeting on February 22 and submit the names to the president by February 24.

‘At today’s [Sunday] meeting, we have prepared a list of 12 to 13 people from our previous shortlist of 20,’ Obaydul said, adding that the committee made the shortlist from the list of 322 people published by the Cabinet Division on February 14.

He said that four journalists also proposed a few names in their meeting after the list of 322 nominees was published.

Responding to a question, he said that the committee members did not propose any name by themselves though they had such authority.

On February 5, the president formed the six-member search committee as the five-year tenure of KM Nurul Huda led five-member EC ended on February 14.

At least 15 political parties, including the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, did not participate in any activities regarding the formation of the next EC.

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