June 8, 2023

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China’s Cao Yuan wins Olympic men’s 10m stage jumping gold

China demonstrated its Olympic jumping strength by and by on Saturday as Cao Yuan took gold in the individual 10m stage, with colleague Yang Jian scooping the silver.

Bronze went to Britain’s Tom Daley, who was back on the platform after an enthusiastic gold award win in the men’s 10m synchronized last week.

That was the lone jumping occasion out of eight at the Tokyo Games that has not been won by China.

Cao and Yang were prevailing through the vast majority of the 10m stage contest, taking the two best positions in the two qualifiers and semi-finals.

Yet, Daley struggled hard, getting shaft position in two of the six rounds of the last prior to slipping once again into third in the last two.

Cao came out solid from the beginning, taking three tens on his first jump, and getting done with 582.35 focuses, only in front of Yang, with 580.40.

Daley finished with 548.25.

Cao, 26, turns into the main competitor to win gold in every one of the three plunging disciplines, having taken the 3m springboard best position in Rio and the 10m synchronized in London.

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