May 26, 2022

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Bangladeshi-American gunned down in New York

Bangladeshi-American gunned down in New York

The father-of-one worked at JFK International Airport and had no enemies, his neighbours say

In a shocking turn of events, a 36-year-old man of Bangladeshi origin has been shot to death right outside his home in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn, New York.

According to local media, Modassar Khandaker was killed shortly after 12am (local time) on Wednesday.

Even though he was rushed to a local hospital, the ill-fated was declared to be brought dead.

Police responded to a 911 call shortly after midnight of a man shot in the head near the intersection of Forbell Street and Glenmore Avenue in Cypress Hills, reports FOX5, the flagship station of the Fox television network.

Neighbours told ABC7, a subsidiary of the ABC television network, that they heard a single gunshot as Modassar was getting out of his white Honda CRV.

Police say Khandaker was found next to a vehicle and the driver’s side door was opened. It is unclear if he was getting in or out of the car, the NBC television network’s flagship station NBC4 reports.

Nobody could be arrested immediately. No other information was immediately available either.

“It happened right next to my house!” said Mohammed Uddin, a neigbour of the deceased, told ABC7.

In fact, this Bangladeshi neighborhood is full of children, with a mosque and school right at the corner of Forbell Street and Glenmore Avenue.

It is also where neighbours say Modassar prayed with his wife and young son.

“It’s sad. It’s very sad,” said Mohammed. “The guy, we know him very well. No issues with anybody, go to work, come back. Now all of a sudden he’s dead. It’s very sad for the community.”

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Crime scene investigators collected evidence all morning.

They have not revealed a potential motive, but neighbors say the father of a young son who worked at JFK International Airport did not have any apparent enemies.

They say crime is simply out of control.

“We’re on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, and lots of our businesses get robbed every week,” said community activist Khairul Islam Kukon.

“This area in the last couple of weeks, I heard couple of gunshots,” said Mohammed Kawsar. “So this is a regular issue in this area, so yeah. I’m very concerned about that.”

“They have to find a way to get these guns off the street,” said Khairul. “And mind you, these guns are not from New York. These guns are coming from out of town, different states. They have to find an avenue where these guns cannot enter New York.”