September 22, 2021

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Afghanistan. The Taliban needs retribution on the American interpreters. “They have no benevolence on us”

In mid-April this year President Joe Biden Reported that a choice has been taken to pull out troops from Afghanistan. It’s an ideal opportunity to end America’s longest conflict. He said it was the ideal opportunity for US powers to return home.

Afghan interpreters working with the US military are in danger of returning soldiers to the United States. In mid-July, the White House declared that they would be emptied. – We chose to make this stride since they are daring individuals. “We perceive and like the job they have played as of late,” press representative Jen Psaki said. Activity Allied Haven is booked to start somewhat recently of July.

Afghans track down a gigantic US base invade by criminals

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Unpublished material for the Afghan Marines

“The Taliban have no kindness on us”

Afghan interpreters in a meeting with CNN They underscored that their lives were currently in peril as the Taliban “started to deliver retribution on their withdrawal.” powers United States of America Afghanistan, somebody said: “The Taliban have no kindness on us.”

CNN portrays the tale of Sohail Pardis, an Afghan interpreter who works for an American armed force. In May, he was captured by the Taliban while heading to his family. They removed him from the vehicle and dropped his head. A couple of days sooner, Pardes had told his companion that the Taliban had undermined him. “They disclosed to him that he is a covert operative according to the Americans and that he is faithless and they will kill him and his family,” his companion and accomplice said.

Around 18,000 Afghans who served in the US military have applied for a unique visa that permits them to venture out to the United States.